Friday, January 11, 2008

the year is now 2008

well, it is now 2008, and i have been a bad girl not keeping my blog i do have some pics to is of my gramma and i with the magic scarf i made for her on my loom. she absolutely loves it. i also made 7 dish cloths,7 small wreath ornaments(thank you brenda) decorated with red puffy paint,and like 3 christmas stockings...all like 3 weeks before about crunch time. this year i am starting early for christmas gifts.
jan 7th was also my 1st day of school...going to IBC in ft wayne indiana, and taking business management. so far so good. i love it! i have 3 classes a day each 1 hr long monday-thursday...fridays are open for tutoring if it is needed. in 2 1/2 yrs i WILL have my bachelors degree...i cant wait. now i am off to get our puppy from the vet cause he was fixed today and will be a sore tired baby. will post more later on and hopefully some pic.
have a blast looming everyone

Saturday, August 4, 2007

new pictures and a little of chatting

hey all...
i have some new pictures posted today. they are all from this year. i have a pic of my brother,sister in law,their daughter,my son and daughter, and some knitting projects.
one project i cant post it is to be a mystery project in group i am in on yahoo. so, it will be posted after that class.
the pic of my lil niece...she is wearing her froggy back pack i got her for her birthday back in march...and the pic of her mom and dad are from the same day....gotta love camera phones:)
my daughter is wearing her softball shirt from this summer..she got to ride on a fire truck for the 1st time this year...which was one of her teams special treats from their a parade. she had a blast...not to mention a baggie full of candy. the pic of my son is from the trip to my brother and sister in laws house...cant believe he will be driving in a year...and starting to get that cute little peach fuzz that will soon be a mustache. my babies are growing up way to fast....anyone know a good way to stop them from growing anymore?
i started a new project last night on my yellow KK loom(thank you soooo much rebecca:) ! ) and it is called tvaandsstickning or twined knitting. and there is a little about it on it is an interesting way to knit..traditionally using both ends of 1 skein of yarn...which i am using 2 skeins to start out with to help make it easier for me to learn. and i am very happy with how it is turning out. it will be a hat. and once i get better at it i am going to make a very nice warm hat for my husband and kids before winter gets here. since my husband is a maintenance man for 2 trailer courts here in indiana...and working outside...he will definitely need one.
i will soon be adding sites i go to and other blogs i visit from friends in some groups i am in. and let me tell you...the knitting projects they do are absolutely AWESOME! and i cant wait til i am as good as they are(will take a good year...give or take). everything takes time,patience and lots of practice...patience is something i need more everything will work out in the end.
weather hasnt been very cool lately... upper 90's with heat index of like 100 or more...and in a factory(bathrooms breakrooms and offices are only air conditioned places)that gets pretty darn hot! never thought one could sweat in so many but its now the weekend and im in my home with the air on..and i love it. i do venture outside...but only to go to the store. and in this heat...DRINK LOTS OF WATER and stay as cool as possible! dont want anyone having any problems because of this heat. and also make sure your loveable pets have plenty of water and a cool place to stay as well..dont want anything to happent o them either....they are part of the family too.
well i need to go now. got lots to do and little time to do it in. you all have fun,stay cool and have a great time knitting,crocheting and other crafts that you may do or start up. crafting is a great way to relax and for remembering family members as you do them
take care and always enjoy life to the fullest:)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

what i have done today

hey all,
Christine here. Just created this blog today,which is why there is little on here right now.
But as for today, I just put in 9 hrs of work, building fiberglass boats, which i have been doing for the past 13 yrs. and 8 mo. now. I like the people I work with too, makes the day go so much faster.
As for the work....thats a different story...but pays my bills.
I'm married 8 months now...but have been with my husband over 10 yrs. I know...that's a long time to be with someone before getting married...LOL. But i love him very much:) I have 2 children, my son will be 15 this fall and my daughter will be 12 this'll be 35 this hubby turned 41 in July.
We live in Indiana(just moved here from Ohio in January of this year),thus putting me 5 minutes from work instead of 45 much nicer now.
My kids will be starting school around Aug. 20th....which they are excited too...less Just had my vacation in July..didnt go anywhere...just stayed home and knitted. made a few things that i am planning to sell once i have enough of them. and right now i am working on a purse that will have a lining...nothing fancy...using my yellow KK loom for it...and 2 strands as one. i work on that when i get home to unwind from work...that is when i can with out know...the "mom im bored give me something to do" or "mom can we go to walmart?" that is my biggest i seen a sign that read " if im not home, try looking in walmart". that i think is funny....but oh so true.
my husband thinks that doctors should consider a new disease called "walmartitis" which he says that i
anyway,this is all i have for now. its time to fix supper. and you know what....sometimes breakfast makes an awesome supper....pancakes and sausage....yummmm!


this is the other project that i am learning. thank you so much rebecca!


this is the purse i started. i have it completed and will post it soon

hat i made

hat i made
this will be my nieces christmas gift

another knitting project

another knitting project
a lil purse i made. not a good pic...but it works

My Mystery Project #1

My Mystery Project #1
this is my project courtesey of jo ann.